Rapid Onboarding & Roll-Out

Four steps to digitize your sales – in just 2 weeks!
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Rapid Onboarding & Roll-Out

Four steps to digitize your sales – in just 2 weeks!

Rapid Onboarding & Roll-Out

Four steps to digitize your sales – in just 2 weeks!

Accelerated Sales Adoption Program (ASAP)

As digitization experts, we aim to make our customer projects a success in the shortest possible time. In this context, we have developed the Accelerated Sales Adoption Program (ASAP) to guide our customers through a scalable, transparent and long-term effective implementation and on-boarding process.


Without an effective launch, any new technology is doomed to fail and an effective launch campaign is costly to maintain. Our Accelerated Sales Adoption Program (ASAP) enables you to scale the launch based on the size of your business or your adoption strategy. At the same time, we are implementing content and support structures to enable both continued engagement and lower costs for subsequent launches.


Nobody likes unexpected costs. With ASAP, we can work with you to define the level of organizational involvement that is required based on our knowledge of best practices. In addition, we have a flexible concept that allows you to take on as much or as little work as you want. ASAP is not just about speed, but also about promoting sustainable user-engagement!


We are continuously developing SaleSphere so that it remains up-to-date and robust. Likewise, some effort is also required within a company to ensure that a tool is properly used in the long-term. ASAP will help you set up a structure to ensure both top-down and bottom-up approaches to promoting and supporting the sustained and profitable use of SaleSphere.

The four steps to Sales success

The four steps to Sales success

The four steps to Sales success


Analysis and agreement of stakeholders, responsibilities, and project planning 

The challenges of successfully implementing a new software are often underestimated. In a half-day workshop we work with your stakeholders to define and plan the implementation of:

  • Organisational sponsorship, monitoring and stewardship
  • Simple and transparent Key Performance indicators
  • The launch strategy and roll out planning

This workshop can take place on-site or remotely to ensure we generate consensus and support for an effective and sustainable roll-out to your organization.

Conception and Design

Agreement of product portfolio and content structures, plus CI/CD compliance 

It may be that you prefer to execute the following steps internally but we find a collaborative approach is usually faster and more effective. With the following optional services and consultations we can assist your marketing and sales teams to:

  • Define the product and content structures based on your portfolios that will be most intuitive for customers and your sales teams when displayed in SaleSphere
  • Define the product and content linkages that will help maximise cross- and up-selling
  • Identify the elements of your corporate design and style guide that we most effective in making SaleSphere an extension of your brand equity
Administrator Training

Interactive Admin training and agreement of User rights and roles matrices 

SaleSphere admins are critical to a successful launch and also to the ongoing management of the SaleSphere platform. The roles of admins and their functions within your organization can vary according to what you need to achieve with SaleSphere and the feature modules you choose to activate. Likewise, the admin training workshops will be tailored to your needs. In interactive sessions we record for your later use we will:

  • Train your admins on use of the SaleSphere admin interface
  • Collaboratively define the best way to implement the rights and roles of your sales teams and define User lists
  • Gather and document feedback regarding the product and content structures and linkages we have implemented for you
User Training & Launch

Sales team trainings, Launch and scheduling reviews

This final phase is where the rubber hits the road. No matter what your launch strategy, we ensure that the User trainings we implement are focused on creating confident, knowledgeable and enthused users who will not only be engaged with SaleSphere, but will also create minimal support efforts for your admins. In one to two workshops we will

  • Use your branded SaleSphere App with your products and content to train sales teams in all the most relevant features.
  • Record the sessions for you so that training efforts are minimal for subsequent expansions of your user group
Congratulations! At this point you are ready to launch and we did it together – ASAP!

But  we do not leave you alone at this point. Instead, we schedule a formal review meeting for 4-8 weeks post-launch to ensure a 360-degree exchange of learnings, an initial analysis of our agreed KPIs, and agreement of any optimizations.

Professional Support – before, during and after launch 

Professional Support – before, during and after launch

Professional Support – before, during and after launch

Updates & Releases

On-going technical development

  • Feature-Set expansion
  • Prioritisation of your new-feature requirements
  • Regular updates free-of-charge
  • API landscape expansion

Workshops & Trainings

Optimal user-engagement

  • Custom-workshops for Admins and Users 
  • At our location, on-site with you, or remote 


Solutions as needed

  • Comprehensive FAQs
  • Media-library
  • Telefone Support
  • Remote Support

Hosted in Germany

SaleSphere is hosted exclusively in German data centers. In this context, we guarantee our customers one hundred percent conformity with the EU GDPR.