The best Buyer Experience wins – also in B2B Sales!

B2B Sales gets more and more similar with B2C Sales. The decision-makers in the B2B sector are looking for exciting shopping experiences, short reaction times, uncomplicated handling and an outstanding quality of service, as they already know it from their private shopping processes. The B2C sector, whether off-line or online, is increasingly setting more standards that must also be focused in the sales strategies of B2B companies.

What is an attractive user experience or buyer experience? We have summarized the essential elements for you.

Personalized offers

Personalized offers certainly play a crucial role in an attractive shopping experience. In the B2B environment, sales representatives often research the appropriate solutions together with the customers. In the personal dialogue. It is therefore increasingly important to develop the quality of advice as much as possible. The right information must be available at the right time, in the right place. For example, field sales staff use sales apps to view stock information in real-time and to directly provide customers or prospects with product brochures, catalogs, pricing information, availability information and other relevant sales materials. At the same time, it is important to jointly configure possible solutions with the customer on-site and to check directly for technical feasibility. The creation and transmission of a personalized offer on site completes the professional consultation process. Configure Price Quote Applications and functionalities (CPQ) are therefore becoming an increasingly important part of field sales because they considerably increase the comfort in the B2B purchasing process.

Make your products come alive

This point is dedicated above all to the way in which products and solutions are presented in a consultation and sales pitch. Analog PowerPoint presentations on screens and heaps of printed material are definitely not state-of-the-art. Surely these forms of media have still their warrants – but honestly, does that sound like a shopping experience? New, innovative solutions are therefore needed to present and visualize products on site – with the goal of making sales communication intuitive. Customer appointments can now be easily multimedia-based, with mobile sales solutions for product catalogs, brochures, pictures, sales lists, videos, technical drawings, AR technologies and much more. As a result, Sales reps can stand out from the analog and classic sales presence and stay in their customers and prospects mind.

Consistent communication

In addition to personalized content, a uniform message in the communication is binding. The majority of B2B companies generate the most turnover of their sales in external sales and through certified distribution partners. But how is the product or the solution presented by the direct or indirect sales team at the customer’s location? Which arguments are used in the consultation and which product information is available to the individual sales representatives? A positive shopping experience can only arise if the information from the customer conversation matches the information from the rest of the sales channels and matches the brand message. Central requirements for a uniform sales communication should therefore be shared with the entire sales organization and disseminated as standard. Just as most B2C shops are already offering increasingly seamless shopping experiences across the different channels, a consistent brand experience must be created in B2B sales as well when changing the customer touchpoints (website, customer service, sales force, etc). Plus, when a company’s corporate design and brand message is reflected across all channels, both offline and online, not only brand continuity but also brand experience is consistently enhanced. The design of the field service appointment as an essential touchpoint for the customers must fit in terms of content as well as optically to the remaining touchpoints. Sales apps in their own corporate design represent an important and necessary Sales tool.

Are you ready for the next step in sales?

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