Consultative Selling

Create values, trust and needs

Consultative Selling is an intuitive way of selling that focuses on specific questioning techniques that determine the success of the sales process. The Advantage of this selling form is, similar to solution selling, not to push the interested parties to a purchase, but rather to lead them through the purchase decision process to put out the best-fitting alternatives together.

Potential buyers are not “persuaded” to buy, as they experience the value and the personal benefit of the products and Services themselves – thereby their purchasing motivation increases self-determined. Through this positive form of sale, customers and prospects do not feel under pressure and opportunistic sales motives are not assumed. The value-oriented form of sale puts the actual customer needs in the foreground and prospective customers do not get the impression to be “pulled over the barrel”. Consulative selling is based on providing the customer with an individual buyer experience in which the added value is presented as required and individual offers are configured based on it.

Contemporary Buyer Experience with SaleSphere

SaleSphere offers you the perfect support in Consultative Selling. With the Sales App you are able to ask the right questions at the right time and to document the customer feedback directly on site. Furthermore, with the help of the product configurator and the presentation manager (including connection to external data sources such as PIM or MAM systems), you are able to present the right content, in the right place, at the right time, moving your buyer experience to the next Level. Thanks to the offer configurator, you can even make individual offers on site, which you can send directly to your prospective customers and obtain the order directly by digital signature.

Learn how to use SalesSphere to showcase your competencies in sales communications and greatly enhance your buyer experience with SalesSphere. Intensify the relationship with your customers now, we look forward to your contact.