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SaleSphere answers your questions!

You are interested in our app, but there are still a few questions that you would like to clarify in advance? In our FAQ we collected the most frequently asked questions for you. If you have any questions that are not answered yet, feel free to call us or send us your question via our contact form!

Why SaleSphere?

Good reasons why you should use SaleSphere. From simple integration into your existing IT landscape, through the creation of unique and dynamic presentations, SaleSphere offers you a variety of features as a sales app to make your job easier.

Why should my company use the Sales App SaleSphere?

From our point of view, sales – and especially sales representatives – have been neglected in the entire digitalization so far. While production, logistics, finance, marketing and HR often work digitally or with digital support, the field sales force often does not profit from the possibilities of digitization.

Companies often do not know where to start and therefore have a hard time getting started on digitization at all. SaleSphere starts where the sales reps have the least support so far, but need the most: in a sales pitch!

SaleSphere digitizes the customer appointment by providing the sales rep with all the important information and guiding it through the conversation as needed. At the same time, the app gives the sales staff enough space to use their personal strengths in the sales pitch and to be able to react to the most diverse situations.

SalesSphere makes it easier for field workers to focus on what they do best – selling.

What is the advantage of SaleSphere over a classic online shop?

SaleSphere and an online shop serve completely different target groups. The classic online shop is a self-service tool for the end customer. SaleSphere, on the other hand, is a consultancy tool for salespeople or field staff.

An example – the dental practice:

A wear product such as a replacement drill buys the dentist himself in the online shop (high product knowledge at the customer, low order value, low risk). The entire basic equipment such as treatment chairs, etc., one buys after detailed advice from sales consultants (low product knowledge.)

What are the biggest benefits of SaleSphere?

SaleSphere will optimize your sales. With SaleSphere, you have accurate, complete and up-to-date product and customer information at any time, anywhere. This will give you a higher quality of advice and greater (self-) confidence in the seller, who can radiate greater Expertise.

The ability to make customer appointments interactive and the usage of multimedia increases the interaction between the customer and the seller – this improves the customer relationship.

The direct capture of customer feedback can increase transparency and commitment. And the direct sharing of information as well as the mobile quotation / order confirmation with the digital signature accelerates and shortens the entire sales process.

Data Security

Learn what’s happening to your data. Data protection is very important to us, so we would like to disclose to you, of course, where we host your data and what data is stored on your devices at what time.

How does our data get into the app?

There are several options for integrating your data.

  • The manual integration of your products
  • Upload of structured data, such as XML
  • Integration of a source system such as PIM, CRM or ERP

Which option works best for you depends on a variety of factors, such as the frequency of updating product data and associated maintenance, the size of the portfolio, and the associated set-up effort, etc.

The connection of complex data sources such as PIM, CRM and ERP is particularly efficient and easy with the help of our integration platform elastic.io.

For larger integrations with high manual maintenance, our data service is also available on request.

If you have questions about the connection of special systems or data models, we can give you a recommendation for integration.

Where are our data hosted?

The data must be imported into the back end of SaleSphere for the mobile app to have a centralized access point. All binary data (all documents such as images, videos, PDFs, etc.) are hosted on S3 Storage by Amazon Web Services on servers in the EU.

All texts as well as customer and user data are hosted in the data center KAMP in Oberhausen. This ensures that personal data are exclusively hosted in Germany.

We are glad to provide customers with a contract sample for order data processing as well as our IT security concept.

What data is stored on the devices that use SaleSphere?

Customer data will be automatically downloaded and saved locally when the app is first opened. The user can individually download product data according to catalogs and thus make them usable for offline mode. This is recommended to be independent of an internet connection, but it is not a must. Any data transfer is encrypted and the data is also stored encrypted locally on the device.

How to prevent access from unauthorized to local data?

The development of SaleSphere has been focused on software security right from the start. At the same time, we attach great importance to user-friendliness, so that users enjoy using it and the software really makes your everyday work easier. Therefore, every user on the web has to create its own password. At the first login in the app, the user must enter this Password and then assign a 4-digit PIN, which is used for decryption on each subsequent login.

App & Updates

Technical information about app and updates. Is there an App for Windows Phone? Is the app updated regularly? Can I also use SaleSphere on my desktop PC?

Is an on-premise solution possible?

In theory, SaleSphere can also be implemented as an on-premise solution. However, this is much more costly than the regular version. Therefore, we always recommend that our customers use the regular version. If you have any further questions, please contact us via phone or send us a message via contact form.

Do you also offer an app for Windows 10?

So far, there is the tablet-optimized app for iOS and Android, and thus for 85% of all tablets used. A version also for Microsoft tablets (for example, MS Surface devices) is on our product roadmap. If you would like to use a basic version of SaleSphere for Windows 10 today, we will gladly send you an estimate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Is there also a desktop version for Windows or Mac?

The backend can be used via any standard browser, including the Windows PC or an Apple Mac. The mobile app, on the other hand, currently works exclusively on the operating systems iOS and Android.

Is it possible to change users, for example when someone leaves the company and a new employee comes?

You can always delete users from the user management and register new users. In this respect, we offer a Concurrent User license model for SaleSphere.

How do we ensure that the software covers all the processes and requirements of our company? Can you develop special features for us?

SaleSphere has been designed to meet the needs of distribution-oriented companies, including: large customers such as Bosch or L’Oréal as well as medium-sized customers such as Julius Meinl or Presspart. Our product development has already defined numerous other features in a detailed roadmap, which will be implemented in the product standard over the next few months. All users of SaleSphere benefit from these developments at no extra cost. Special features on customer request can, if possible – against payment – be included early in the product development.

How to proceed with an update of the existing (patches etc.) or even the introduction of a new version of SaleSphere? Is an update to the latest version easy?

All updates / upgrades to the product are made easily and at no additional charge to all customers and users of the system. If customer-specific features have been implemented within the standard product, an update to the latest version of the software also requires no adjustment effort, and correspondingly no additional costs.

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