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mVISE subsidiary SaleSphere announces partnership with OpusCapita

The Düsseldorf-based SaleSphere GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of mVISE AG, announces a strategic partnership with the PIM software provider OpusCapita Software GmbH.

The SaleSphere GmbH offers with ist product a sales app for the modern field service. SaleSphere enables sales organizations to optimally address the development scenarios in digital sales. The Sales App digitizes existing field service processes from prospective customer management to after-sales and simplifies administrative processes with the aim of increasing the quality of advice and making local business transactions more convenient.

“As one of the leading providers of product information management solutions, we always strive for a modern understanding of integration. We understand the strategic partnership with SaleSphere as a logical consequence for both organizations to provide customers with holistic solutions in the field of digital transformation of sales processes.” (Hartmut Schell, Sales Manager PIM at OpusCapita Software GmbH)

Increase content quality in the field

OpusCapita’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution helps companies collect, structure, and update all of their product information in a single system. This provides both internal and external stakeholders with the most relevant and accurate product information and can be shared with all available media and sales channels (e.g., eCommerce, print, marketplaces, business networks). The partnership with SaleSphere provides connectivity to another sales channel for field sales representatives. The PIM solution is linked to SaleSphere via the mVISE hybrid integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) The connection enables automatic, error-free and secure data exchange between the individual software applications in the cloud. In addition to storing, managing and searching for product information in the PIM system, product information can now also be retrieved and visualized on the Sales App. Sales representatives have all relevant product information at any time, at any place error-free and easily accessible. Especially in the B2B sector, where complex and customizable solutions are often offered, the quality of advice and, at the same time, the buyer experience can be significantly improved.

Roadshow in cooperation with OpusCapita and Valtech

In cooperation with the digital agency Valtech GmbH, OpusCapita and SaleSphere are already announcing a joint event series on “Digitalization trends in marketing and sales” for the year 2019, where the synergies and interaction of the individual software applications will be demonstrated in practice and case studies will be discussed. Information about the next event can be found here.

About OpusCapita

OpusCapita enables companies to quickly and securely handle their sales, purchasing and payment processes with real-time data. More than 3,000 customers in more than 100 countries use Source-to-Pay, Cash Management and Product Information Management solutions to connect, share and grow. OpusCapita handles more than 220 million transactions annually through its Business Network, which includes nearly one million companies worldwide and more than 11,000 financial institutions. With over 30 years of experience, OpusCapita also supports the transition to e-invoicing with structured data. The headquarter of the company is located in Helsinki, Finland, the headquarter in the German-speaking market is in Dortmund. Further information can be found at