Self-confidence as a sales tool

When it comes to successful sales talks, the necessary self-confidence is a crucial factor. We talked to Maik André Baumann about the chances of using sales apps in B2B sales.

Outstanding Customer Service in B2B

Customer requirements are changing, markets are becoming more transparent, purchasing is becoming increasingly strategic, products and services are becoming more complex and interchangeable – but how does that affect B2B sales?

What is a PIM System?

What is a PIM system? And what benefits does a PIM system offer for B2B direct sales? We show you the hidden potentials for your sales.

Partnership with eggheads GmbH

By linking the eggheads Suite with SaleSphere, sales organizations with a large number of (complex) products have tremendous optimization potential in sales communication.

Consultative Selling

The Advantage of Consultative Selling is, similar to solution selling, not to push the interested parties to a purchase, but rather to lead them through the purchase decision process to put out the best-fitting alternatives together.