Outstanding Customer Service in B2B

Especially in the B2C area, we are increasingly experiencing the state of completely transparent markets in our everyday lives as time goes by. There are fewer and fewer information asymmetries between providers and buyers. On the Internet one can find (almost) all product and service Information to prepare the purchase decision process. Comparison portals, review portals, communities, video portals, social media, etc. help buyers and prospects along the purchase decision process or along the customer journey to retrieve the right Information at the right time.

The situation is similar in the B2B area as well. Of course, the products and solutions in the B2B sector are often more specialized and more explicable than in the B2C. Nevertheless, the purchase decision process can also be accelerated and supported here with the help of the above mentioned platforms. The role of a salesman therefore means more than transfering information and is increasingly reflected in the role of a solution consultant. Especially B2B sales people have to be interested in being able to optimally advise  customers or prospects. For this reason, sales reps certainly need to know their customers needs (keyword CRM). At the same time, however, they must also know their own products and services in detail (keyword PIM). General information is available online in the B2B area. Detailed knowledge is required including the transfer to the individual customer need. The more complex and individual (product configurator) a product or solution is, the more information salespeople need to be able to deliver to their customers – ideally onsite during the customer dialogue rather than after deferred consultation with internal departments. Because of shorter product life cycles, the continuous development of functionalities and a consistent expansion of the product portfolio, the extensive knowledge about one’s own products can quickly become an enormous challenge. And who does not know his product well, can not drive it well. As customer knowledge (CRM) has become increasingly important in recent years, detailed product knowledge will become increasingly important in the future, especially in the B2B area. If sales representatives do not have the necessary product knowledge, at the right time, in the right place, then they can hardly hold their own in a customer discussion.

Marketing & Sales must work together

It is also helpful when sales reps are aware of how marketing relates to the product portfolio. Are there any products that are currently being promoted through targeted campaigns? Which conditions and discounts are communicated to the outside? Speaking of communication, what are the current and relevant communication materials? Which catalogs, product data sheets, flyers and price lists are the latest? Is there multimedia content that can be used in the customer discussion? Especially with complex products, it makes sense to use existing explanatory videos, 360 ° drawings, AR and VR technologies, etc. directly in the customer discussion. This makes the analog sales communication intuitive and tangible and customers benefit from a contemporary customer experience.

The solution

In order to always have the latest product and marketing information in the mobile field as a sales representative, it is no longer necessary to ride with a heavy laptop bag and heaps of printed material to the customer . Today, sales apps such as SaleSphere enable a streamlined and multimedia-based customer appointment and, thanks to the convenient connection to third-party systems (such as ERP, CRM and PIM), provide access to all relevant and up-to-date sales and marketing information. This not only greatly enhances the quality of on-site consulting, but also enhances the shopping experience for your customers and prospects. Find out about the opportunities with SaleSphere and prepare your sales organization for the future.