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Differentiating SaleSphere from CRM-Systems

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The value SaleSphere brings to your sales pipeline

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Differentiating SaleSphere from CRM-Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Pipeline- / Opportunity-Management
  • Contact-Management and Account Management
  • Visualizing the sales cycle
  • Forecast-Management
  • Workflow-Management / Task-Management
  • Lead and Customer history
  • Campaign Management
  • Scheduling sales actions


  • Optimal customer interactions at Point of Sale or remote
  • Collaboration between Sales and Marketing
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Digital product catalogue
  • Presentation management
  • Sales and marketing content distribution
  • Sales and marketing content usage monitoring
  • Logging and time tracking for sales interactions
  • Sales offer creation
  • Digital signature and offer acceptance
  • Training and certification of sales proffesionals

The value SaleSphere brings to your sales pipeline

Efficient Content Management

Prospects need the right information at the right time. We enable this through a highly flexible and centralized content management module that intelligently links content and products:

  • All sales staff have mobile access to the latest sales content, even offline.
  • Reports detail which sales materials actually deliver added value to the customer in the consultation and thus make a contribution to the transaction
  • Content linked to multiple products or use cases can be replaced once, making content updates much more rapid and efficient.

More effective consultative selling

With SaleSphere, sales staff guide your customers and prospects through the sales pitch in a targeted manner and always provide information and arguments that actually add value:

  • Products and services are visualized and made tangible
  • Intelligent product links are shown which support the selection of suitable accessories and relevant alternative products

Shortened sales cycles

With SaleSphere – the sales accelerator in your hand – salespeople and consultants inspire your customers and prospects with optimal customer advice and direct order processing:

  • All current product information such as article numbers, prices, guarantees, graphics, videos, etc. are always accessible
  • Products can be placed directly in a shopping cart during the consultation and then transferred to an individual, digital offer
  • By means of a digital signature, orders can be completed directly with the customer and order confirmations can be shared with the interest groups (e.g. customers, back office, back office)

A more pleasing Buyer-Experience

With SaleSphere, field staff work with your customers and prospects to find the right product and service package and transmit all relevant documents directly at the point of sale:

  • Documents (e.g. product descriptions, guarantees, offers, order confirmations, etc.) can be shared directly with the customer in real-time
  • Visit reports are recorded automatically and document all the products and content shown enabling more rapid follow-up.  
  • Colleagues in back office or sales support have direct access to protocols and can start their processes more quickly

Rapid Onboarding

SaleSphere facilitates onboarding for new sales employees and ensures that the entire sales team is always up to date:

  • All training documents are available centrally
  • Multimedia illustration of (new) products through the use of images, 3D visualizations, videos, etc.
  • Easily track learning progress using the integrated form generator for defining surveys and tests

Get to know SaleSphere, in under 10 Minutes!

Hosted in Germany

SaleSphere is hosted exclusively in German data centers. In this context, we guarantee our customers one hundred percent conformity with the EU GDPR.