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Interview with Maik Baumann: Confidence in the sales pitch

When it comes to successful sales talks, the necessary self-confidence is a crucial factor. We spoke with Maik André Baumann, head of a sales and distribution development specialist boutique based in Düsseldorf, about the opportunities offered by the use of sales apps in B2B Sales.

As a sales trainer, you regularly train the sales staff of various companies – Do you have the feeling that digitalisation has meanwhile also reached sales?

Digitization has arrived in sales. Many companies have now recognized the need to act. If, on the other hand, one looks at the cross-industry sales jobs in the field, one quickly realizes that there are still hereditary differences in the distribution equipment. The tablet has yet to replace the notebook with the traditional software solutions for sales, the presentation folder and the colorful glossy brochures in many sales organizations.

In your opinion, what are the reasons why many companies could have foregone the support of apps and software in the customer appointment?

There are certainly different reasons. In large companies, a changeover due to internal processes and structures usually takes longer. Therefore, there can be a longer period between decision and rollout. Smaller companies can be much more flexible and in my experience they do it. As far as all sales organizations are concerned, they need to develop some foresight to discover the competitive advantages that come with innovations such as apps and custom software. Companies that have not yet dealt with digitization in sales are not aware of the resulting growth opportunities.

How important is the issue of self-confidence in the customer appointment?

Self-confidence is one of the key success factors! Customers want sales consultants with a high level of expertise. It becomes really successful, if the professional competence of the salesman / adviser and the personal competence are equally well developed. A confident salesperson gives the customer the feeling of being in good hands, guides him through the sales process in a structured manner and helps him to make a clear purchasing decision.

Can apps like SaleSphere help salespeople get the confidence they need?

By all means, an all-in-one solution like SaleSphere’s can well and meaningfully assist the salespeople in the sales process. A salesman has all his customer’s essential data and information at his fingertips, so that he can prepare himself precisely for his contact person (s) and, in addition, deposit information about his customer’s buying center, for example. In addition, the app offers the opportunity to compile and present the products as needed for the sales pitch. A significant added value is certainly also due to the quick implementation of the app’s ability to adapt to the sales needs of the user.

You provide training and coaching to salespeople and executives, where sales process optimization plays an important role as well – is there a disparity between employees and sales executives in the willingness to change with regard to digital sales support?

The sales staff is, according to my observation, a significant driving force in promoting digitization in the sales organization. They have an ear to the customer and today’s customer has an expectation adapted to the digital age. This includes extensive and above all fast information as well as a transparent and customer-friendly representation of the products. The wishes and needs of customers are always taken seriously, documented and communicated in a well-functioning sales organization. In my opinion, the development is also supported by the executives. There is no dissent concerning the use of digital sales support.