What is a PIM system?

Product information management systems (PIM for short) are central platforms for managing product data. Product data in this context can be for example master data, technical attributes, texts, images, graphics, videos, documents and translations. This diverse product information is administered centrally by a PIM system and made available to other external sources. These include, for example, online shops, catalog systems or solutions for the point of sale (POS). The latter, in particular, represents a key challenge for B2B sales. In the traditional field service, it is becoming increasingly important to have access to all relevant product information. Especially when it comes to complex products and Solutions. Similar to our private shopping behavior (B2C), even in B2B purchasing processes, the right product information at the right time at the right place is a key success factor for sales. By providing access to the most up-to-date and relevant product information, PIM systems enhance the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction but also the purchase probability.

High quality of product data is characterized by features such as completeness and consistency. As simple as this statement sounds, unfortunately, the practical realization is often underestimated. Maybe you sell yourself a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions? Then you probably know the different declarations associated with individual products? Do you also distribute your products in international markets? Then you also know how important the distribution of the respective product information in the corresponding target language of the market is. To top it off, you are focusing on a multi-channel strategy and and you distribute your products across various platforms? Well, yes, that all platforms should always resort to the same, correct information is probably self-evident at this point. This scenario can be further developed and should pragmatically illustrate the necessity and the benefits of a PIM system in practice.

In most PIM systems, the article and product master data are enriched with important marketing and sales information, media assets, etc., through a connection to third-party systems (for example merchandise management systems). With the help of the PIM system, users finally have the opportunity to access the relevant information in real time via various channels and process it further.

What benefits are provided by a PIM system for B2B direct sales?

As already described, companies with a PIM system have the ability to centrally manage and administer all their product information and then distribute them in external channels. Especially in B2B sales or field service, the product information from a PIM system can be linked to mobile sales apps (so-called sales enablement solutions), which means that sales employees always have the relevant product information at their fingertips, anywhere, even offline. An example of such an app can be called SaleSphere. Thanks to sales enablement solutions, the potential of a PIM system is exploited even more.

Sales employees benefit from the completeness and up-to-dateness of all relevant product information. As a result, the quality of consultation at the customer site can be significantly increased. In addition to the more pleasant sales talks at eye level, sales employees also benefit from the direct possibility of distributing the relevant documents to the customers. The transmitted product information from the PIM system are also displayed visually in a multimedia way on the tablet PC. The modern presentation form brings the products to life, improving sales proposition and raising the buyer experience to a contemporary level.

Do you already use a PIM system?

Possibly, you already use a PIM System and you are looking for the right solution to make the structured data from the PIM system available to your sales staff? We will gladly advise you and show you how you can connect your PIM system to SaleSphere in order to drive the digital transformation of your sales force. Best of all, connecting your PIM system to our Sales App is done through our hybrid integration platform as a Service (iPaaS), elastic.io. The connection via elastic.io eliminates the high costs of programming individual interfaces and saves you a lot of time. SalesSphere is thus out-of-the-box ready for use and can be easily connected to third-party systems for bidirectional data exchange.

Are you looking for a holistic digital sales solution?

Are you looking for a holistic solution for your digital transformation in sales? We work together with the most proven PIM providers, convince yourself in the overview of our partners. Get in touch with us, we are happy to advise you.